Global Reach

Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, the ICSS has a global network, including offices in London, Paris, Brussels and Turin.

ICSS Europe

Recognising the invaluable social, cultural, economic and educational impact of sport, ICSS Europe was founded in 2014 to play an important role in influencing the direction of sport governance and policy

within Europe and Latin America particularly within inter-regional linguistic blocks.

ICSS Europe works with global leaders, governments & other organisations to safeguard sport. This is achieved by effective implementation of legal, regulatory and operational frameworks concerning:

  • Sport Ethics and Credibility
  • Good Governance - Democracy, Transparency, Accountability and Human Rights in Sport
  • Sporting and Financial Integrity and Transparency
  • Highest Standards of Sport Safety and Security
  • Well-being and the Fundamental Rights of Children in Sport

With the need for enhanced international cooperation in sport, ICSS Europe coordinates efforts to address issues affecting sport safety, security, governance, integrity and youth development and protection.

We also share our expertise through high-level committee memberships, hosting conferences and forums and participating in continental initiatives like the European Union’s Week of Sport. Recognising the significant role that sport plays in the European Union, ICSS Europe oversees a liaison office based in Brussels, which maintains regular relations with EU institutions and other key organisations.

Former European Professional Football Leagues CEO Emanuel Medeiros (pictured right) is CEO of ICSS Europe. A former FIFA Committee member on Club Football and UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council, Emanuel is part of the EU Expert Group on Good Governance in Sport, member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport and Portugal’s Ambassador for Sports Ethics.


Located in Paris, the ICSS has established an office at UNESCO‘s Headquarters to facilitate the implementation of the Joint UNESCO-ICSS Sport Integrity Capacity Building Program, as well as related activities in the field of sport integrity research, policy and education.