In supporting the ICSS Group’s overall mission to safeguard sport, ICSS INSIGHT champions the highest of standards in sports governance, financial integrity and transparency and works across issues involving sports-betting integrity and the protection of minors in sport. Based in Europe, ICSS INSIGHT drives reform in sport through thought leadership initiatives, collective action, independent research and intelligence and investigations.

Our Expertise

ICSS INSIGHT has unrivalled expertise. We advise organisations - including clubs, leagues, national and international federations, governments, international organisations, linguistic blocks and civil society - on how to strengthen and implement best-practice standards in good governance and in enhancing existing integrity policies and procedures. Our experienced and trusted sport integrity experts have worked alongside and conducted investigations for multiple law enforcement agencies, government and sports organisations around the world.

ICSS INSIGHT’s portfolio of services include:

  • Strategic advisory services and policy development across:

  1. Sports legislation and regulations
  2. Good governance
  3. Financial integrity and transparency in sport
  4. Sports-betting legislation and regulations, including integrity policies
  5. Due diligence on club ownership
  6. Independent supervision and oversight in relation to beneficial ownership and solidarity / development funds

      • Investigations and intelligence in the areas of fighting match fixing, sport-betting fraud and corruption
      • Training and education for athletes, coaches, referees and administrators covering integrity, match fixing and betting corruption.


      ICSS INSIGHT has established and participates in several pioneering initiatives.

      These include:

      • Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) - the ICSS is one of the founding members of SIGA, the world’s largest independent coalition in the field of sport’s governance and integrity. SIGA has and continues to bring together sport, governments, global business (including global sponsors, rights holders and the financial services industry), international organisations and civil society (including leading NGOs and academia) with a common cause to foster greater integrity throughout sport.
      • Financial Integrity in Sport (FITS) - an independent initiative, launched in 2014, to identify the most pressing threats facing the financial integrity of sport and to seek the adoption of reforms and effective international cooperation.
      • Development and Protection of Children and Young People in and through Sport - ICSS INSIGHT works to promote the highest standards of youth development and child protection in sport. We provide guidance and offer training and educational programmes on youth-sport policies and the prevention of trafficking and other abuse of children. ICSS INSIGHT is also actively engaged in driving international cooperation and working with NGOs, governments, international organisations and sport in the fields of Youth Protection in Sport.

      If you would like to learn more about how ICSS INSIGHT can support your organisation, please contact us.