About the ICSS

The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) is an independent and non-profit organisation that plays an integral role in addressing the most prominent challenges facing the world of sport today. Having assembled a team of top international experts in sport safety, security, integrity and good governance; the ICSS works with multiple sectors with the aim of safeguarding sport.

Our Vision

For sport to be safe and ethically governed so that its positive values remain an inspiration for all.

Our Mission

To be the independent global leader in safeguarding sport through our efforts to ensure good governance, integrity and safety and security in sport.


Through our two business divisions, ICSS ENTERPRISE and ICSS INSIGHT, the ICSS offers a range of safety, security, integrity, transparency and anti-corruption services to governments, international organisations and across the sports industry. Delivered through programmes and initiatives designed to help safeguard sport, services offered in sport safety and security through ICSS ENTERPRISE include:

  • Major event security design, planning and evaluation;
  • Resilience planning;
  • Training and education.

Services offered in the area of sport integrity, transparency and anticorruption through ICSS INSIGHT include:

  • Strategic advice regarding integrity and good governance and policy development
  • Investigations and intelligence
  • Training and education

To ensure the ICSS continues to be a pioneer in the field of sport safety, security and integrity, the organisation- through ICSS ENTERPRISE - invests in and develops leading edge, technology-based solutions. Current programmes being developed include:

  • Data fusion safety and security systems
  • Innovative technology in support of athlete health and safety

As part of its mission to help safeguard the integrity of sport and drive reform in sport policy and governance, ICSS INSIGHT has established and participates in several pioneering initiatives including:

  • Financial Integrity in Sport (FITS) Global Project
  • Save the Dream
  • Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA)
  • Development and Protection of Children and Young People in and through Sport