To ensure the ICSS continues its role as a pioneer in the field of sport safety, security and integrity, the organisation invests in and develops leading edge training and education programmes.

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As part of the ICSS commitment to Youth Empowerment and Social Innovation, the organisation has established the rapidly expanding programme, Save the Dream.

By influencing policy makers, conducting social campaigns and implementing its community projects and global initiatives, Save the Dream directly promotes the positive ethics and values of sport to young people around the world.

Working alongside our partners who are leading organisations in sport, government and civil society, Save the Dream aims to educate, inform, inspire and empower youth to play a positive role in the future of sport.

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ICSS Enterprise is tasked with the research and development of new, innovative solutions which enable the ICSS to maintain a thought-leading role in the world of sport safety, security, integrity and legacy.

Sport creates jobs, delivers numerous economic advantages and has the potential to deliver social benefits for cities and countries, especially those that host major international sporting events. But too often, the benefits experienced from safe, secure and clean sport are limited in scope and duration.

So, how exactly can cities and countries maximise the long-term benefits of sport?

To help answer this question, ICSS Enterprise is working with leading academics and sport economists around the world to support local and national governments, major event rights holders, international federations and multi-national corporations to identify new opportunities and catalysts for growth through sport.

With a belief in helping communities, ICSS Enterprise supports cities and countries to ride the next industrial wave by using sport as a means to encourage economic diversity and entrepreneurship.

The integrity of sport is under threat and the challenges are both global and constantly evolving. Without integrity, sport is meaningless. Breaches of integrity not only damage the values of sport, but also erode its popularity, commercial viability and ultimately, its survival.

In response to these threats, the ICSS has established a specialist Sport Integrity team to provide valued integrity support across all sports and develop world-class initiatives and policy influencing research.

Our Core Services

  • Cutting-Edge Ideas, Analysis and Policy Research
  • Specialist Integrity and Transparency Advice
  • Match-Fixing Awareness Seminars and Professional Training
  • Intelligence and Investigation Support
  • Extensive Information and Knowledge Services
  • Culture Change, Promoting Fit-for-Purpose Institutional Approaches grounded on a Self-Cleaning Culture

The ICSS Sport Integrity team works closely with key stakeholders such as UNESCO, UNODC, OECD, Council of Europe and the Sorbonne University, and believes in developing innovative education and prevention programmes. We also provide hands-on assistance to organisations tackling corruption in sport, as well as technical support in investigation, monitoring and compliance.

In May 2014, the ICSS and the Sorbonne University unveiled the ground-breaking key findings from its two-year research programme as well as guiding principles to provide sport, government and betting with practical recommendations to combat corruption in sport.

You can download the Guiding Principles and full sections of the report here.

The threats to the safety and security of sport are global, complex and challenging. Issues such as venue design, venue security, crowd management and counter terrorism confront major event organisers and sports venues on a daily basis.

Our Core Services

  • Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Venue Security Master Planning
  • Venue Security Design
  • Major Sporting Event Safety and Security Operational Planning - Bidding and Hosting
  • Specialist Training for Sport Safety and Security Professionals

Our expert team has assessed and secured some of the largest sporting events and most recognisable venues in the world, offering an international approach to sport safety and security.

The ICSS uses innovative strategies, practices and techniques to achieve the overall aim of safeguarding sport. We believe that this can only be achieved by empowering safety and security practitioners and developing recognised global standards in sport safety and security, as well as the security design of sport facilities.

We regularly develop new tools and frameworks to support bid committees, venue designers and architects, major event organisers and venue owners in staging safer sporting events.

Our Safety, Security and Integrity (SSI) Model™ and Sport Facility Security Design Model™ are just two of the pioneering resources that have been developed by the ICSS. We aim to make them recognised frameworks for organisations striving to ensure the highest levels of safety and security at their major sporting event or sport facility.