ICSS Enterprise is tasked with the research and development of new, innovative solutions which enable the ICSS to maintain a thought-leading role in the world of sport safety, security, integrity and legacy.

Sport creates jobs, delivers numerous economic advantages and has the potential to deliver social benefits for cities and countries, especially those that host major international sporting events. But too often, the benefits experienced from safe, secure and clean sport are limited in scope and duration.

So, how exactly can cities and countries maximise the long-term benefits of sport?

To help answer this question, ICSS Enterprise is working with leading academics and sport economists around the world to support local and national governments, major event rights holders, international federations and multi-national corporations to identify new opportunities and catalysts for growth through sport.

With a belief in helping communities, ICSS Enterprise supports cities and countries to ride the next industrial wave by using sport as a means to encourage economic diversity and entrepreneurship.