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ICSS Provides Match-Fixing Education to Premier League Clubs and within Africa


The ICSS Sport Integrity Directorate works closely with sports bodies to provide betting and match-fixing education to a wide range of stakeholders including players, coaches, and referees through to executives and administrators.

This education is provided in order to educate individuals about the very real threats they could face during their careers and how these threats manifest themselves through approaches by criminals looking to corrupt, bribe or extort them.

Actions / Achievements

The ICSS has worked with a range of academies including within the English Premier League football club to educate their young footballers on match-fixing and betting.

This has involved workshops led by our in-house investigators with players of the ages 14-21 years of age. While the players are informed of betting and match-fixing rules, they are also taken through recent case studies along with detailed descriptions of how individuals infiltrate and convince players to fix matches.

This approach highlights the direct risks to the player and how they can identify them without subjecting them to a ‘Dos and Don’ts’ strategy that they may not engage with.

By inviting the ICSS to talk with young players, this forward thinking approach by these academies means integrity education is embedded within the overall professional development of each player, providing them with key knowledge for the rest of their careers in football wherever it may take them.