Integrity, Transparency and Anti-Corruption - Our Work

OECD Strategic Partnerships and Taskforce on Charting Illicit Trade


The ICSS Sport Integrity Directorate is the current Co-Chair of the Emerging Illicit Threats™ Sub-Group in partnership with US State - International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL).

ICSS is also a member of the sub-group of Information Sharing™. The fact that ICSS as a non-member of the OECD has been allocated a Chair position of its own initiative, has been a direct result of extensive work with the OECD and US State, by providing valuable input into the major crime type of sports corruption and sports betting fraud.

Actions / Achievements

ICSS aims to resurrect the Sports Alliance Initiative of G20. It can co-chair this alongside the OECD and UNESCO as partners in creating a Taskforce or platform against corruption in Sports and its associated industries within the G20. It is designed to produce economic facts and solutions to corruption through legal and economic initiatives.

A sub-group report on Illegal Betting was drafted by ICSS and submitted to the OECD Task Force, for inclusion into the High Risk Level Forum in support of the G20, and for attachment to OECD website.

ICSS is at the first stage of agreement around the themes of a Sport Integrity week in 2016.

ICSS will endeavor to produce Good Governance and Integrity Sports Guides.