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Sport Integrity Unit (SIU)

The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) has established a dedicated Sport Integrity Unit (SIU) under the ICSS Enterprise as part an ongoing commitment to help safeguard sport and to meet the growing demand for independent investigations and intelligence services within the sports industry.

Led by an experienced team of international law-enforcement and anti-corruption experts and sport-integrity investigators, the SIU offers confidential investigation services, specialised training and independent integrity advice to support governing bodies, law enforcement, athletes and organisations across the sports industry.

The SIU investigates allegations of misconduct and integrity violations across several areas adversely affecting sport:

  • Administrative corruption and misconduct
  • Fraud, including match fixing, illegal betting and money laundering
  • Athlete Welfare, including sexual harassment and abuse
  • Conflicts of Interest and breaches of ethics
  • Human trafficking and child protection issues in sport
  • Use of sport for radicalisation

Our experts have a combined experience of over 60 years working in international law-enforcement.

As individuals throughout their careers, they have led and been involved in investigations into governments, corporations, banks and sporting authorities across issues relating to governance, transparency, integrity and corruption, as well as cases of abuse, misconduct, war crimes and other humanitarian violations.

Since joining the ICSS, the team has focused their expertise and years of respected experience on investigating broad areas of corruption in sport.

If you or your organisation is interested in learning more about the ICSS Sport Integrity Unit services and would like to speak to one of our investigators, please contact info@theicss.org

Sport Integrity Hotline

Corruption and misconduct on and off the field hurts sport and hurts athletes and players. The SIU of the ICSS has set up a confidential SPORT INTEGRITY HOTLINE for athletes, officials and the public to be able to report allegations of misconduct or abuse in sport.

Staffed by an independent third party ethics and case-management provider WhistleBlower Security, the 24-hour/365-day Sport Integrity Hotline will confidentially manage your allegation of misconduct in sport.

An experienced team of specialised integrity investigators within the ICSS SIU, respecting strict confidentiality, will then carefully handle the reported cases.

If you would like to report an integrity violation or misconduct in sport, please click on the button below to be directed to our external reporting portal.