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UNESCO-MINEPS V Working Groups on Sport Competitions Manipulation

The Background

In May 2013, Sports Ministers agreed to set up a series of working groups to bring the historic MINEPS V Berlin Declaration into reality.

Some of the key measures that the ‘Declaration of Berlin’ has called for include:

  • Improved sports governance
  • A zero-tolerance policy within the sport movement, especially against doping and the manipulation of sports competitions
  • Greater collaboration in the early detection of manipulation
  • Preventive measures and monitoring in accordance with national and international law
  • An effective, proportionate disciplinary regulation, and a range of preventive measures

As part of the ICSS’s expertise in the field of sport integrity, the ICSS was chosen to lead the sport competitions manipulation working group meeting.

The Outcome

A series of high profile sport and sport integrity meetings & conferences have been agreed with the ICSS and UNESCO to take place throughout 2015 and 2016.

In 2015, the ICSS will host around 100 government officials, experts and leaders in sport at a special technical meeting in Doha, which will be the first time international experts meet to implement the recommendations outlined within the ‘Declaration of Berlin’ on the manipulation of sport competitions.

Resulting from this, the ICSS and UNESCO will host a follow-up meeting with sport ministers to realise the recommendations made in MINEPS V and build towards MINEPS VI, which will aim to adopt an international action plan to implement Declaration of Berlin.