ESIC, ICSS EUROPE totally aligned in protecting integrity of e-sport – ESIC

‘ESICS and ICSS EUROPE totally aligned in what we’re trying to achieve in sport integrity’ – ESICS Commissioner tells Totally Gaming

Following the recent MoU signed between the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) and ICSS, Ian Smith, Integrity Commissioner for ESIC spoke to leading gaming industry website, Totally Gaming, and highlighted how the two organisations are “totally aligned” in their efforts to protect the integrity of sport.

Speaking to Totally Gaming, Ian Smith said:

“The decision to work with ICSS was easy because we are totally aligned in what we’re trying to achieve in sports integrity and they bring capacity, resources and experience to ESIC that would otherwise take me years and a huge amount of money to replicate.”

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The agreement between two organisations will see ICSS EUROPE provide expert advice and support to ESIC on its global anti-corruption campaign, which includes the implementation of a 12-month action plan that will see the ICSS EUROPE provide a variety of integrity services to ESIC.

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