ICSS INSIGHT and FIFPRO address the most pressing challenges facing football

As part of the ICSS INSIGHT’s ongoing mission to safeguarding sport, CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros met the FIFPRO Secretary General Theo van Seggelen, underling another important step forward in the relations between the two organisations.

At the meeting, solutions to tackling several key issues affecting professional football were discussed in a very positive and constructive fashion, including the players’ transfer system, financial transactions and supervision mechanisms, club ownership and investment funds, development and protection of young players and match fixing, amongst other matters of common interest.

Commenting on the outcome of the meeting, Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, ICSS INSIGHT CEO, said:

“Theo and I are old friends. We have worked closely in the past, when I was CEO of the EPFL, and will continue to do so in the future. We have common concerns and shared priorities. We are both experienced football men and love the game. It is only natural that we work together to bring about the much-need reforms, for the benefit of the players and, indeed, the whole sport.

“Today’s meeting is another important step forward for ICSS INSIGHT and underlines the strengthening institutional relations between our two organisations. I look forward to continue our dialogue and cooperation.”

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