Data Fusion

Delivering a safe, secure and successful major international sport event involves close collaboration and information-sharing across a variety of local, national and international stakeholders.

And with the growing use of technology in sport, major events organisers are becoming increasingly responsible for processing, analysing and distributing large amounts of data from multiple different sources. As a result, data fusion is becoming an increasingly important area for governments and hosts of major international sport events.

Data fusion combines, analyses and simplifies multiple sources of data with the ultimate aim of helping your safety and security team inform key stakeholders with accurate and appropriate data, as well as predicting and identifying potential threats and improving overall operations and the decision-making process.

As part of its safety and security services to sport, ICSS ENTERPRISE is developing data fusion capabilities alongside COGILITY - one of the leading few top-down platform developers. Our approach uses a top down rather than the standard bottom up approach, which has been successfully delivered and tested by the United States Department of Defence, and aims to become an integral tool for host cities and or governments in their event architecture and master security plan.