Education and Training

Supporting the ICSS Group’s overall mission to safeguard sport, ICSS INSIGHT works with clubs, leagues and federations around the world to educate and raise awareness about how to effectively safeguard athletes, officials and administrators.

ICSS sport integrity trainers have international experience developing and delivering anti-corruption workshops and capacity building programmes within INTERPOL and for numerous law enforcement agencies, specialist private investigators and sports organisations around the world.

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Read more about some of ICSS INSIGHT’s work in the field of education and training below:

Case Studies

Match-fixing education to Premier League clubs

The ICSS has worked with a range of clubs and academies around the world - including within the English Premier League - to educate young footballers on how to protect themselves from match-fixers and integrity threats.

This has involved workshops led by our in-house investigators working with players between 14-21 years of age.

As well as being informed of betting and match-fixing rules, participants are also taken through recent case studies along with detailed descriptions of how individuals infiltrated and convinced players to fix matches.

Tanzania Football Federation and Tanzanian Street Children’s Sports Academy

ICSS sport integrity experts have travelled to Tanzania to deliver anti-match fixing awareness seminars to young players at the Tanzania Football Federation and Tanzanian Street Children’s Sports Academy. The programme involved delivering match-fixing prevention seminars to the Tanzania Under-17 Squad at the Karume National Stadium, as well as educating street children and vulnerable young people from around the Mwanza region.

Players attending the seminars learnt about a range of topics, including how match-fixers approach and groom young players, methods to help recognise, resist and report an approach, as well as being warned about the very serious and real consequences of match-fixing.

Integrity training to over 70 referees from the Saudi Arabia Football Federation

As part of an agreement between the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) and the ICSS signed in 2016, ICSS sport integrity experts delivered a special anti-match-fixing workshop to over 70 referees. Read more about the agreement with SAFF.