Supporting the ICSS’s overall mission, ICSS ENTERPRISE provides a range of products and advisory services in the field of sport safety, security, integrity, as well as understanding the role of sport in economic development.

These products and services are underpinned by leading research and are developed through entrepreneurial solutions and technology-based platforms.

Our Services

The threats to the safety and security of sport are global, complex and challenging. Issues such as venue safety and security, resilience, counter terrorism, intrusive technology and cyber-attacks confront major event organisers on a daily basis.

Recent critical issues and the increase of terrorist activity serve as constant reminders that sport is vulnerable to threats that can result in significant damage to property, personal injury, loss of life and reputation.

ICSS ENTERPRISE offers consulting services and training across a wide range of areas in sport safety, security and resilience. We provide an integrated ‘partnership’ approach and comprehensive advisory services covering core safeguarding issues, including:

In particular, ICSS ENTERPRISE invests in and develops leading security and technology-based solutions. Key services in this area include:

  1. Overarching Strategic Advice and Planning
  2. Threat and Risk Assessments
  3. Venue Security Master Planning
  4. Venue Security Design
  5. Major Sporting Event Safety and Security Operational Planning
  6. Technical Manuals and Resources

Our Initiatives

To ensure that the ICSS continues to be a pioneer in the field of sport safety, security and integrity; ICSS ENTERPRISE invests in and develops leading technology-based solutions, including:

Trusted-in-Sport – ICSS ENTERPRISE is developing a range of applications which will help to deliver practical solutions to address issues related to performance enhancement, unintentional doping and the validation of trusted sports’ coaches and trainers.

Data Fusion Systems – ICSS ENTERPRISE, in conjunction with its technology partners, is developing a data-fusion system that will integrate and synthesize a range of safety, security and information technology components together with realtime complex pattern recognition and analysis to deliver event-critical information to enhance management capabilities, command and control, resilience and insider-threat identification.

Dr. Shaun McCarthy is CEO of ICSS ENTERPRISE and is responsible for its strategic direction and business development. An expert on matters relating to safety, security, intelligence and resilience management, Shaun has 35 years’ experience in the public and private sectors. He served as an Intelligence and Counter-terrorism Officer with the South African National Intelligence Services and has worked in the private sector for Kroll Associates, Royal Dutch Shell and the Monitor Group.

Shaun leads a team of advisors and international specialists who have a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from securing some of the world’s biggest sporting events and venues, including the 2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games and the 2015 AFC Asian Cup.