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“The essence of sport – integrity of competition and a safe, secure environment in which to watch and play – is precious. At the heart of the ICSS is the belief that we have a responsibility to protect this for present and future generations. From corruption to key safety and security risks, there are significant existing and emerging threats to these ideals that, if left unchecked, could cause significant damage to the fabric of sport. The ICSS’ goal is to be a global hub of security, safety and integrity expertise, with the sole purpose of ensuring sport is equipped to overcome these challenges. I welcome you to the ICSS and hope you will share our vision and our passion for sport.”
Mohammed Hanzab, ICSS President

Mohammed Hanzab

Security, Safety and Integrity in sport are critical and complex practices. Not only are more and more nations taking up the challenge of hosting the world’s greatest sporting events but sport also contends with distinct economic, social and media developments. As a result, the need to share knowledge, best-practice, and experience has never been greater.

The ICSS is a unique organisation which aims to become a global hub of expertise. As an international centre with its headquarters in Doha, Qatar, we work with all those responsible for sport security, safety and integrity. Our clients and partners include key stakeholders such as event organisers, governments and bidding nations, infrastructure owners, sport associations, leagues and clubs.

Our team brings together some of the world’s leading experts in sport security and integrity, whilst also having access to a worldwide network of specialist practitioners.

We concentrate on four specific areas: security & risk advisory, training, research & knowledge gathering and sport integrity.

As a non-profit organisation, the ICSS has no private or governmental interests and all profit gets re-invested into the core activities.

Our vision: safe, secure and clean sport

Our mission: to improve security, safety and integrity in sport by addressing real issues and providing world-leading services, skills, networks and knowledge.