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What is the ICSS?
The International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) is an international non-profit organisation, based in Doha, Qatar, that aims to help organisers stage safer world-class sporting events. We bring together the foremost experts in sport security to provide best-in-class training, research and tailored consultancy, facilitating the advancement and sharing of knowledge in sport security.

When was the ICSS established?
The ICSS was established in 2010, and was formally launched at the first annual International Sport Security Conference held between 09-10 March, 2011.

What is the role of the ICSS Advisory Board?
The ICSS Advisory Board is composed of internationally recognised and respected experts from the worlds of sport and security. The Advisory Board’s role includes:

• Providing strategic guidance to the President and Executive Director
• Advising the ICSS on critical issues and trends in sport security
• Providing expertise for ICSS initiatives, projects and events
• Expanding the expert network of the ICSS internationally
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What types of organisations does the ICSS work with?
Our clients and partners include key stakeholders in the world of sport, such as event organisers, governments and bidding nations, infrastructure owners, sport associations, leagues and clubs..

How can the ICSS assist partner organisations?
The ICSS provides assistance to its partners through sharing knowledge, developing capabilities and helping to improve security for major sporting events. We do this through training, research and tailored consultancy.

In practice, the ICSS’s assistance could range from developing and running a training program for an event security team; producing a tailored security report for a local organising committee; or developing a master security plan for a major event bid. The scope and scale of the ICSS’s initiatives depend on the requirements of our partners, and are developed in close collaboration with all key stakeholders.

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Who has the ICSS partnered with in the past?
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How can I contact the ICSS?
Email: info@theicss.org

Mailing address: The International Centre for Sport Security, P.O. Box 64163, Doha, Qatar

How can I apply for a job with the ICSS?
Any current vacancies are listed on our Careers page click here

How can I support the ICSS?
We rely on support from our partners and external funding to cover our costs, our research and to allow us to proactively address real issues in the field of sport security. We welcome support from organisations or individuals who believe in our mission and aspirations, and share our passion to make every sporting event safe and secure.

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What is the meaning of the symbols and colors of the ICSS logo?
Shields were chosen as a traditional symbols to represent safety and security. There are three shields to reflect the three core areas of the ICSS’s business – Research and Knowledge Gathering, Training, and Consulting.

The colours of the shields represent sun, earth and sea, which are the elements that contribute to major sporting events across the world.


What is the Securing Sport Conference?
The Securing Sport Conference is an annual event, organised by the ICSS, which brings together the leading decision-makers, experts and practitioners in sport and security from around the world.

The Conference provides an important platform for sharing information and exploring best practices, as well as addressing the most pressing issues in sport security today.

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Who attends / speaks at Securing Sport?
The conference hosts some of the leading figures in international sport governance and organisation, alongside experts from across the spectrum of sport security services.

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What is the ICSS Journal? 
The ICCS Journal is a quarterly publication that fuses perceptive and timely insights with sport-security issues that are affecting the sporting generations of today, and of the future.


What is the ICSS Knowledge Portal?
The Knowledge Portal is the world’s first multi-sport database of reports, best-practice and knowledge regarding sport security. The Knowledge Portal combines proprietary, academic, and a selection of publicly available documents and media that together provide an essential resource for event organisers and security practitioners.

The Knowledge Portal is also integrated with databases from major sport federations and other sport or security-focused organisations to provide a truly global resource.

Who can access the ICSS Knowledge Portal?
Access to the Knowledge Portal is restricted to ICSS members, partners and accredited sport security practitioners.

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How do I gain media accreditation and get press access to relevant ICSS events and media materials?
To apply for media accreditation, please contact our Communications & PR team  click here

How can I find out about upcoming ICSS appearances and events?
For upcoming media events and opportunities, click here to email media@theicss.org

Who should I contact for press releases and interviews with the ICSS?
Please contact our Communications & PR team click here

Where can I access / download images?
A wide range of images, video and documents for media are available in the Multimedia and Press Zone section of the website. Please click the links below for the following:

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Where can I download ICSS research and reports from past ICSS events?
All publically available reports and documents are available in the Press Zone section of the website under ICSS Documents click here

Can I reuse or reproduce images from the ICSS website?
Unfortunately we are unable to grant permission for the re-use of images from the ICSS website. However, accredited members of the media may use images from the ICSS Press Zone for editorial purposes. Please credit the ICSS when using any of the images from our website.