The ICSS offers tailored Security & Risk Advisory services to organisers of major sport events, sport organisations and sport facility managers.

We provide expert services that cover any and all of the following event or project phases:

  • Bidding
  • Technical Inspection
  • Planning
  • Testing
  • Execution
  • Closeout
  • Legacy

Some of the core services we offer include:

• Risk Management
This includes any measure of risk identification, assessment, analysis, planning and control. One of our core services is the performance of Country Risk Assessments, especially to provide sport bodies with an objective report on the risk involved in allowing a sporting event to be held in a particular region

• Security Master Planning
Development and assessment of integrated and holistic security concepts, bid book chapters and plans.
This is done within the framework of the unique ICSS Security, Safety and Integrity Model (SSI)

• Specialist Security Plans
Development of security concepts and plans specifically focused on specialised areas such as Event Logistics Security and Crisis Management & Communication

• Venue Master Planning
Development and assessment of new and existing master plans to cover all safety and security aspects of a venue

• Security Tender Development, Evaluation and Contracting
Developing accurate documentation and managing tender programmes that receive clear audits and achieve the desired outcome. Negotiation of optimal fees, structured rate cards & clear service level agreements

• Security and Safety Assessments of Sport Facilities
The ICSS performs various levels of assessment of the security and safety aspects of sport facilities whether based on concept or detail design, or for existing facilities. This includes the often neglected Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) aspect

• Drafting of National Event Security and Safety Regulations
In order to pro-actively reduce the risk of major catastrophes at events, the ICSS can assist in developing regulations to standardise the hosting of events by a particular country / region, thus minimising the risk of deaths, injuries, damage and loss of national reputation, whilst optimising a country’s chance of being awarded major events and maintaining a sound track record of hosting safe events