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Sport Integrity

Integrity is the most fundamental value to sport. Corruption erodes the very spirit of sport.

Without integrity competition is meaningless. Breaches of integrity not only damage these values, but will shape a sport’s popularity and ultimately its business and sponsorship viability, and even its survival.

While many sports have taken active steps towards safeguarding competitions, the threats to integrity today are so internationally significant – so growing and so constantly changing – that the ICSS established a specialist Sport Integrity Directorate staffed with industry-leading experts so that the ICSS can provide valued integrity support to all sports.

The ICSS Sport Integrity works with three core pillars:

• INTEGRITY PILLAR 1 – Protection of Sport through Training and Education

1. “Sport Integrity Awareness Seminars” to groups of professionals on the challenge of crime and corruption to sport, for global, regional and national sport bodies, police and commercial sponsors

2. Training Programmes on the “Design and Implementation of Integrity Protection and Corruption Prevention Tools:” designed for global, regional and national sport bodies

3. Training Programmes on “Investigating Corruption in Sport for the Protection of Sport”, for integrity professionals within sport

• INTEGRITY PILLAR 2 – Protection of Sport through Investigation and Intelligence

1. An International Database of open-source knowledge and investigative information on corruption in sport and the criminals who take advantage of sport, for use by global, regional and national sport bodies

2. Investigative Support for sport bodies through the deployment of a team of experienced and discrete specialists, to assist global, regional and national sport bodies

• INTEGRITY PILLAR 3 – Protection of Sport through Enforcing Consequences in Sport

1. A Network and Forum of specialised sport legal Officers and Prosecutors to share experiences, cases and a database of discipline and integrity knowledge, for use by sport legal officers and prosecutors

2. Specialist Advice on the design, implementation and maintenance of internal regulatory systems targeting prevention and consequences for internal sport corruption, and its harmonisation with government regulators, police investigations and criminal prosecutions