The ICSS delivers training in the areas of Security, Safety and Integrity to meet the specific requirements of the sporting world. We offer a comprehensive programme to those who are responsible for public safety and security when organising and hosting an event.

Other Courses Upon Request:

• Event Safety
Crowd & Public Safety Management, Safety at Sport Grounds & Events, Crowd Dynamic, Working in Safety Advisory Groups

• Event Safety Management
Spectator Safety Management, Crisis & Communication Management, Event Planning & Safety, Event Logistics Security, Event Search Planning Advisor

• Event Security
Control Room Operations, CCTV Operator, Venue Search, Close Protection, Event Steward Training

• Sport Integrity
Sport Integrity Awareness Seminars, Design and Implementation of Integrity Protection and Corruption Prevention Tools, Investigating Corruption in Sport for the Protection of Sport

• Event Responsibility
First Aid, Customer Care, Train the Trainer

The ICSS can provide existing courses or develop bespoke programmes which are fully adaptable to the specific requirements of organisations and offer full flexibility in delivery methodology. Please contact us on for any specific requirements