Sport Integrity Forum

The University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and the International Centre for Sport Security, with the support of UNESCO and with the official participation of the Council of Europe held the Sport Integrity Forum On the 15th of May 2014 in Paris.

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On this day, the first-ever holistic report into sport integrity was presented to governments, international organisations and the sporting industry.

For over two years, the Sorbonne-ICSS Research Programme on Sport Integrity has conducted an in-depth assessment of the scale and scope of sport corruption, sport betting and betting fraud.

The Research Programme’s Final Report is an independent and neutral scientific study that offers insights and analyses to provide hope and pave the way for the future of sport integrity.

After an exhaustive inventory of existing practices, case studies and innovative analyses, the 700-page Report will:

• Provide full context of sport ethics from historical, sociological, economic and legal perspectives

• Outline the role of transnational organised crime within sport

• Outline the risks in governance, transparency and control linked to the internal
functioning of sports organisations

• Demonstrate the importance of shared information, detection of corruption,
particularly across international monitoring of sports corruption

• Suggest tools to prevent manipulation of player/referee conduct or outcome of a sporting event

• Suggest tools for prevention, information, education and good governance for the sports movement

• Suggest the disciplinary, criminal and regulative frameworks to curb corruption within sport