The ‘Sport Security Forum: Challenges & Solutions’, Cairo 2013, to be held at a later date

Cairo, 29th January 2013: It has been jointly decided by the Egyptian Ministry of Sport and The International Centre For Sport Security (ICSS) to postpone the ‘Sport Security Forum: Challenges & Solutions’, Cairo 2013, being organised under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Sport.

The ICSS, the organiser of the forum, will bring its international experts in the field of sport security and integrity to talk about the challenges facing sport and, in particular, football in Egypt.  The forum will explore possible solutions and include workshops with the related participants in Egypt.

Discussing the vision for the forum, Minister Alamri Farouq said “Due to the importance of the forum, there was a need to shift it to a later date, in order to fully benefit from the planned panel discussions and workshops.”

The Vice President of the ICSS, Mohammed Hajaj Al-Shahwani, said: “We are supportive of Egyptian sport which is at the heart of sport in the Arab and African World.  It is a good opportunity for us to participate in shaping the understanding of sport security in Egypt and to transfer the expertise of our international team of practitioners.”